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Here at Balance Yoga Earth our goal is a return to the ethics of the yoga tradition, it’s Satayam (truth), which means taking the time to get to know your needs, by specialising in small personalised private classes, Special workshops, we promise to provide yoga and meditation of the highest standard.

With a wide range of teachers, we offer a local yoga community that is built on connecting through practice and creating a more open and supportive environment (on and off the mat).

We will have monthly workshops and charity fundraising classes, so follow us on twitter @BalanceEarth to find out more.

We recognise the need for a different approach, within the yoga world today. And our goal is to “Be the change that you want to see” Gandhi

Saturday, July 26th with Nova Milesko 11 – 1.30pm,

Exploring Exstiance- Yin and Meditation workshop

“The quieter you become, the more you can hear” ~ Ram Dass

Early bird £30 | On the day £35

This Yin Yoga and Meditation session with Nova is focused on the Hips and Spine physically, but will also offer an investigation of the Three Characteristics of Existence. As we linger in the physical practice we can also explore the concepts of dukkha, impermanence and no-self.

Then we will cover a couple of different types of meditation.

This workshop includes some discussion, practical techniques, and most importantly meditation time. To book call Nova on 078 945 88002 or email